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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Marc Grenier reviewed Gentle East Martial Arts
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An awesome martial arts school that truly cares.

Hillary Hogan reviewed Gentle East Martial Arts
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I have had a blast. I look forward to continuing to learn each form.

Sharon Takai reviewed Gentle East Martial Arts
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We love the instructors and family atmosphere! Thank you!

Kathryn Carson reviewed Gentle East Martial Arts
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I've tried a bunch of martial arts over the years, but it wasn't until I got to Gentle East that I realized that the art itself doesn't matter so much--it's the attitude of its practitioners. These people aren't learning and teaching how to kill, but how to live. How to live despite trauma and illness, and to keep practicing their art even if it's just in their hearts. The tenets are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit, and they mean every word. They teach the kids that other dojangs won't. Autistic, physically challenged, special needs, you name it. They're fully engaged with the messy business of life. A whole lot of families are glad that Master Barbara Robinson followed her vision. Ours is one.

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Life Skill: Teamwork

Life Skill: Teamwork

Teamwork means working together. You can best achieve this by
cooperating and helping each other. Good teammates practice communication by
listening and talking respectfully to one another. A great teammate always shares and
takes turns. They are unselfish and think of their team’s needs first. They are willing to
compromise to do what is best to achieve their team’s common goals.
A great team works together by drawing upon the strengths of each unique individual.
They recognize that as a team they can get more done than by themselves.
There are many kinds of teams from sports to academics but the most important team
in your life is your family.

Student: Teamwork is awesome. If you are a good teammate; a person who always
shares and take turns, you will make more friends. More people will choose and want
you on their team. The cool thing about teamwork is you can get more things done as a
team than by yourself.
Teamwork teaches you that your family is your number one team. You can best help
your family by listening to your parents. Do things such as your homework, martial arts
practice and keeping your room clean without being told. Be a good teammate to your
brothers and sisters by sharing, being kind and getting along. Do your very best at
school, excel and get great grades.

Parent: Teamwork teaches your children that their number one team is their family.
They learn their family is the most important part of their lives. Encourage them to be a
good teammate by listening to you, doing what you ask right away, and to always do
their best. If they have siblings, teach them good teamwork which means to share, be
kind, and get along with each other.
Communication is an important part of teamwork. Talk to your children with respect
and good manners. Listen to your children and honor their feelings. Leading by example
will encourage them to do the same in return.
Teaching your children that good teamwork skills are very important to their lives. As the
parent, you can best do this by leading by example. If your children learn teamwork,
they will have better relationships and be viewed as a valuable asset to any team. Your
children will learn leadership skills by being a part of a team. They will also learn to
follow and let others lead, if it best serves the team. They will make more friends and
improve their social skills if they are a great teammate.
Praise your children when they demonstrate teamwork by being unselfish and doing
what is best for the family.